Advanced Data Systems Department

ADS is responsible for the LCLS experiment data acquisition systems, the online analysis system, and offline software analysis frameworks used by LCLS scientists. The ADS department also plays a key role in the development of systems for LCLS-II, including the Accelerator Timing Controls System and the Experiment Data Acquisition and Data Analysis systems (L2S-I).  This department also contributes developments for the LSST camera readout and the DUNE data acquisition systems.  These efforts require close integration of software systems with electronics designs to achieve the performance needed for coming projects.

Key Competencies


Woman testing PCBs

Data Acquisition Systems

TID designs hardware, firmware, software for real time data acquisition systems. Example is an Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA) FPGA module with on-board integrated network switch, ported and bundled with operating system and real-time kernel. Applications are LHC ATLAS, LSST, HPS, DUNE, nEXO and has applications in other projects where fast processing of packets/data is needed.