Advanced Electronics Systems Department

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The Advanced Electronics Systems department provides system level design solutions including low noise analog circuit board design, high speed digital circuit board design, FPGA design and application software. Our FPGA design team is highly skilled in digital data processing in large scale FPGAs with a strong background in collaborative designs supporting multiple contributors. We employ a skilled team in PCB board design and layout as well as board soldering, chassis design and cable termination.

Key Competencies


Analog and Digital Discrete Circuit Boards and Systems

Analog and Digital Discrete Circuit Boards and Systems

TID-AIR designs, produces, and tests analog, digital, and mixed signal electronics boards and systems. Schematic design and simulation; Printed-circuit board layout design and high-speed simulation; FPGA firmware frame-work, code design and simulation; Software design and simulation; Complete system design and simulation, fabrication, testing, installation, and commissioning.